CEO: Mr.Somchai R Rin
Company name: Top Aesthetics Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Adress: 609/164 Nawamin Road, Klongkum, Beungkum, Bangkok 10230, Thailand
Tel. (66) 2 944 1728, Fax. (66) 2 949 7568


Top Aesthetics Corporation Co.,Ltd. Was established in the early of 2004. We have worked long leading in medical field focused on aesthetic device and we've retained good reputation from customers in domestic market. With over USD$ 10.5 million of annual turnover in 2010, we've build a string team with quality support from domestic clinics and the hospital, more than 100 client. We provide the equipment, service, education and training.
To offer its cosmetics laser technology directly to the customer, we've just made a small group lipolysis work shop at Skin Hospital in Bangkok.


Subject is a limited liability company and its internal ultimate authority is CEO. The General Manager is held exclusively responsible for daily management.
Number of Employees: 25
Main Business: Medical Device
Product and Service: Subject mainly produces an aesthetics instrumet.


Domestic 100%
Regions Bangkok and big city is main region of sale target.
Major the client group are doctors in clinics and hospital.

Sale Team Generally 15 day's credit is extended to first time clients and those with a short period of corporation. Those with a long period of corporation or of good credit standing are usually granted a 30-60 days credit.


Beijing Top Laser 2004
Beijing Syntech 2006
Didona-Inc. 2008
SNJ Co.,Ltd 2010


Asoke Skin Hospital, Bangkok
Ramkhamhaeng Hospital, Bangkok
Pattaya International Hospital, Pattaya, Chonburi
Chularat Hospital, Samutprakan
Pormkasem Clinic
Romrawin Skin Body Rejuvenation Clinic
Pewdee Clinic Skin and Laser Center
Tanaporn Clinic
Cosmacare Clinic
Wuttisak Clinic
Nitipon Clinic
Pongsak Clinic


Keep leading in up-to-date technology. high quality product and good service is always our goal. Your trust and support make us succeed, Top Aesthetics Corporation Co.,Ltd. will work hard constantly for supplying the best thing to customer.

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