3th Generation Intense pulsed Light

Specialized Treatment System
     JunoLux; Using the Special Smooth & Soft Passfilter, can be expected quite certain effect (especially pigmention) with minimal side-effects (ex.burn etc,)

Convenient Maintenance and Repair
     Separated; body and hand-piece, easy to repair and exchange when device broke down or replace parts required

Platform & Solution
     The; HeraLux system & Quadvt high-technology involve a complete a cost-offerene solution. A standalone single IPL 3th 8 enezaten system support you for your aesthetic needs Enchance Your professional in Esthetic needs.

Convenient Filter replacement System
     Simple; replacement of filters for wavelength changes, no necessity for hand-piece changes
Reduces trouble when some procedures frequently cause mechanical problems.

Predetermined & Customized programs
     - Predetermined programs provice the optimal parameters for various skin problems and skin colors.
     - Precisely operated energy and pulse-time assure the superior results
     - Customization of programs is possible for many application.

Patient Database
     Previous; treatment profiles and patent information are stored for the future use

High Peak Power
     Extremely; high peak power system quarantees stable energy emission for treatment

Other conveniences
     - Built-in optimum parameter programs based on a clinical study.
     - User-friendly color LCD/touch screen.
     - Highly portable.

Quick treatment
     Offering; fast treatment almost no delay and large spot size.


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