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- Dispelling tiny wrinkles, reduce deeper forehead wrinkles and stretch marks
- Removing acne and scar, especially to the acne scar, postopertative scan, frostbite scar
- Improving chloasma, treat skin superficail pigment diseases such as freckles, coffee spot, age pigment
- Improve light ageing skin and rough pores, thickening dermis


 Vagina rejuvenetion HP set
Fractional HP set
CO surgery HP set


KL CO2 fractional laser cosmetology system provides the most effective way to treat and improve skin condition, focusing on the wrinkle, acne, acne scars, frostbite scars, chloasma, slack skin and lighting aging skin. The ordered cylinder shaped aperture with high energy contracts skin in a few minutes, which improve the skin effectively and promote the generation of the new collagen in the deep layer.


  • To eliminate the wrinkle, fine lines, scar,
    ease forehead wrinkle, to improve large pore,
    to thicken dermal layer
  • To improve skin pigmentation such as cholasma,
    age pigment and fleck
  • To treat the acne, acne scars, verruca,
    naevus, etc
  • To improve lighting aging skin


  • This cosmetology system adopted advanced super pulse
    emission technology which can acts upon the skin in a very
    short time. Patient only feel light Tingling sensation,
    no bleeding.
  • The diameter of each laser action point (ablated point)
    is less than 0.1mm, with little trauma, and will recover
    quickly. As the main treatment area remains intact during
    operation, the patients can use cosmetics on the second day
    after the treatment.
  • A whole faical treatment can be completed
    within 20-30 minutes by using this cosmetology system
    and doesn’t need particular vacation or rest after
    the treatment, so it is also the most effective treatment
    program for office workers to obtian beauty as well.
  • Compared with the Erbium laser (294nm),
    this cosmetology system has the merit of deep stimulated
    to the tissue and short treatment duration.
  • Need no additional consumables



Laser wavelength 10.6
Fractional scanner 10-160mJ
Super pulse 0.3-15 W
CW 0.3-25 W
Single maximum scanning area 20×20
MinMin. Spot diameter ≤0.1 mm/ 0.075 mm
 Min. pulse width  0.1 ms
 Power supply  AC220V (110V)±10%/ 50 Hz 5A